Sunday, March 28, 2010

Health Tip of the Week!

Shall We Dance?
No matter how you do it, dancing is good for you.

When was the last time you cut a rug, grabbed a partner, and tangoed across the living room? If you can’t remember, it’s time to put on those dancing shoes, and dangle that red rose between your teeth. Dancing, according to Beth Shubin Stein, M.D. is an excellent aerobic workout. It tones many different muscle groups while encouraging proper balance and posture. In addition to the physical benefits of dance, there are mental and emotional ones as well. Learning new routines challenges the brain while connecting with your fellow dancers enhances social connections. Most importantly, dance is just plain fun. .

Here are some excellent ways to get that booty shakin’:

Take a Class. Salsa, Ballroom, Tango, Flamenco, African, Belly, Tap, Ballet, Classical Indian, Mexican Folkloric, Modern, Brazilian, Hula. There are so many forms of dance the world over, and many are easily accessible to the novice and seasoned student. Classes are a great way to get motivated and meet many interesting people from various walks of life.

Find Your Style. Discovering your personal style is a great way to find out more about yourself and what moves you, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. What is your dance dynamic? West African dance is upbeat and will give you an exceptional cardiovascular workout, while many forms of ballroom dance move in graceful waltzes and passionate tangos. Have you always wanted to travel to a particular place on the globe? Exploring the fiery rhythms of flamenco allow a greater knowledge of Southern Spain and the gypsy culture it embodies. Perhaps you’re looking for something on the meditative side. Balinese, Thai, and Indian classical dance are great vehicles to explore the sacred.

Try It At Home. A great way to get started is to simply put a favorite cd in the boom box and dance around the living room for a half hour. If you’d like to stay in your home but would prefer a bit of guidance, find a few DVDs to follow. Maybe you want to try a particular style before committing to a class. Videos are a great way to do so.

You can dance anywhere and you can dance in your mind, and in your heart.– Jacques D’Amboise


  1. We (me and the dogs) love to dance at home! I've actually taught the doxie a few moves and whenever he hears me put the music on, he is ready to begin.

    Aimee, I'm glad that you sent the email because I have not been receiving any of your feeds in Bloglines...grrrr...looks like I've missed out on several posts already!

  2. Ciao Rowena!

    Very cute.... ss for the feeds, that may be something I need to do, and just haven't figured out? Not sure...let me know. I am still figuring out how to navigate the blogosphere!

  3. Aimee try starting a feed with feedburner. They are much more reliable than the one that comes with blogger. I still keep getting updates in Bloglines from you, but when I click on the link, nothing shows up, so I don't know if you've posted or not! It's definitely a bug with Blogger because I'm getting everyone else's. Anyway, I also subscribed to you through google so this might do the trick.

  4. Ok. Thanks Rowena. Have a great day in beautiful northern Italy:)